Neringa FM Beachball FEST is volleyball, sun & music FESTIVAL,taking place in the most beautiful beach of Lithuania, that is a UNESCO World heritage site.

All weekend-long festival, encouraging people to be more physically active, focuses on groovy music, sports dancing and a volleyball tournament that will be held under the amateur rules set by Neringa FM.

A beach stage with more than 20 DJ & artist performances, 6 live concerts, break dance competition, beach volleyball tournament held in 6 courts on the Baltic seashore, new acquaintances with happy people will ensure you unforgettable summer adventure during the longest days of the year.

Active leisure, volleyball, sea, laughter, thunderous beach parties, new acquaintances, pockets full of sand and an amazing groovy music with the best musicians at the hottest summer spot – Nida!

Participation is open to anyone, who gathers a team & registers it. The tournament is organised as a 2 day amateur beach volleyball tournament and played in 6 courts in accordance to the rules of beach volleyball with certain exclusive conditions:
-The game is played 4 x 4. The team can consist of max 6 persons, but they can not change during the set;
-Each team has to have at least one female player. Female player has to be present in volleyball court during all games;
-Each player can play for just one team;
– No more than 1 professional volleyball player per team is allowed during the set.
Professional volleyball player is considered a person that has participated at his home country championships during the period of 2014 – 2016.
Best volleyball players will be awarded with valuable prizes and unique Neringa FM Cups. Champions will be awarded with a breathtaking prize – 4 person trip to the 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival which will be held in Turkey in February!

Each team has to register online – submit a registration form to the administration before 23th of June 2016. After this date, online registration will be closed. However you will be able to register your team at the Fest on site for a bigger price. The deadline for registration on site is 25th of June, 2016, Noon. We suggest you to register Online, to make sure you are in the tournament, as we will accept max 72 teams. Registration fee for a team is 40 EUR, on site registration – 50 EUR. A team is registered, when someone submits a registration form and pays the fee. Registered team members get the right to compete in all weekend long beach volleyball tournament & enter night concerts of the festival. Team registration fee

June 24-26 line up

Our partners, dance studio GAMERS takes care of a good vibe for the participants of the fest & organise a special street dance contest!
The spectators will be able to follow live street dance battles. We promise you the heat, as only the strongest Lithuanian street dancers will take part in this battle, trying to prove, who is the best. The dancers will compete in “All styles” category, ensuring that you will be able to see a big variety of street dance styles on one stage. The winner will be selected by the spectators, who will vote for their beloved dancer.





Top quality food providers are going to ensure you don’t get hungry during the festival. Different people will cook, bake, boil, bubble, brew, make sandwiches and scream for ice-cream! There will be different places where you can buy water, juice, lemonade, beer or sider. No strong alcohol will be traded.


You can plan your sleep time either in one of fabulous Neringa hotels or you can rent apartments. The easiest way to do it is to contact tourism information center “Agila”  and they will be glad to help you.

If you want to sleep not far from festival site and you love nature, you can sleep in a tent at temporary festival camping in the forest. If you decide to do so, you have to pay a tent fee, that is 30 EUR for the weekend. This fee will ensure you have a clean WC & shower on site and security. Camping is located in the forest spot, 100 meters away from the beach.

The Festival takes place in central Nida beach and its accesses, Neringa municipality at Curonian Spit, that is a 98 km long thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and belongs to Kuršių Nerija National Park that was established to protect the unique ecosystems of the area. You must have this in mind at all times and respect the nature. You can easily get to this heaven on earth by direct bus from Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipėda. You can also take a bike ride or ferry from Klaipėda city, that is 50 km away. You can travel to Klaipėda from all airports of Lithuania (Vilnius: VNO, Kaunas: KUN, Palanga: PLQ) via bus shuttles from main bus stations.

This is the map of the area.